2012 LA Times Festival of Books

Our Bookshop has participated in the LA Times Festival of Books since 1997 and this is now our sixteenth year at the Festival. We started with just a couple of Filipino American authors and we are happy to present  a total of 14 authors this year, and two Americans who had written Philippine-related titles, for a total of 21 books. They come from different parts of the US – Ann Arbor in Michigan, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Francisco, San Diego,  Seattle, Tucson in Arizona, Washington DC. And one  is coming all the way from Australia! Our writers in the diaspora are blooming, especially where the soil has been most hospitable!

We are glad to be part of the cultural scene of the City of Los Angeles all these years. And we are happy to fulfill our Bookshop’s vision to provide a home for Philippine writings in North America. In 1972, when martial law was declared in the Philippines, we provided a home for Philippine writings when we opened Casalinda Bookshop in San Antonio Plaza, Forbes Park, in the City of Makati. Casalinda Bookshop was closed in 1984 when owner Linda Nietes decided to migrate to the US. She settled in Westwood Village close to UCLA and reopened it as Philippine Expressions Bookshop.  And forty years later, of which 28 years were in American soil, the mail order bookshop which specializes in Filipiniana is still going strong. 

Thank you for your support and we continue to seek it as we present new programs that make a difference in the cultural life of Filipinos in the diaspora. Please support Filipino American authors as we find our place in the literary map of mainstream America! Inspire our authors with your presence and have a book autographed for your private library when you visit us at the Festival. Do come and bring your family and friends.

Philippine Expressions Bookshop
Booth # 024
T1 Section, Trousdale Parkway, along Exposition Boulevard
USC Campus, Los Angeles

For details on the Festival, visit http://events.latimes.com/festivalofbooks/
For maps and direction of USC Campus, visit http://visit.usc.edu/


Saturday, April 21

11:00am – 12:00pm
Ofelia V. Dirige and Aurora S. Cudal, co-authors, Global Filipino Cuisine: Healthy Recipes 
Elnora Kelly Tayag, Filipinos in Ventura County

12:00 noon – 1:00pm
Greceila Jota, The Deliverer: A Novel
Paulino Lim, Jr., Death of the English Zen Professor: A Novel
Quirico S. Samonte, Panagani (Harvest Time): A Short Story written in English.
Theodore S. Gonzalves, His latest books are Filipinos in Hawai’i (part of the Images of America Series  and co-authored with Roderick N. Labrador); Carlos Villa and the Integrity of Spaces: Essays on Villa’s Art. His other books are LifeStage Presence: Conversations with Filipino American Performing Artists;  The Day the Dancers Stayed: Performing in the Filipino American Diaspora;

1:00pm – 2:00pm
Donna Miscolta, When the De la Cruz Family Danced: A Novel
Greceila Jota
Paulino Lim, Jr.
Theodore S. Gonzalves

2:00pm – 3:00pm
Cecilia Gaerlan, In Her Mother’s Image: A Novel on WWII in the Philippines
Jay Wertz, The Pacific. Volume 1. Pearl Harbor to Guadalcanal. War Stories: WWII Firsthand.
Donna Miscolta
Quirico S. Samonte

3:00pm – 4:00pm
Carina Monica Montoya, Her latest book is Santa Maria Valley (part of the series, Images of America). Her other books are  Filipinos in Hollywood  (part of the Images of America Series ); Los Angeles’ Historic Filipinotown (part of the Images of America Series); Let’s Cook Adobo, a juvenile cookbook
Susan Vance, Tropic Born War Torn: Untold Tales of WWII in the Philippines
Cecilia Gaerlan
Jay Wertz

4:00pm – 5:00pm
Elnora Kelly Tayag
Jay Wertz

Susan Vance
Carina Monica Montoya

Sunday, April 22

12:00 noon – 1:00pm
Albert J. Mortiz, Discover the Philippines Cookbook
Ludy Astraquillo Ongkeko, Forty Years of Writing in America
Myrna Mulhern, Abadeha, The Philippine Cinderella
Jay Wertz

1:00pm – 2:00pm
Greceila Jota
Donna Miscolta
Quirico S. Samonte
Ludy Astraquillo Ongkeko

2:00pm – 3:00pm
Ruben Nepales, My Filipino Connection: The Philippines in Hollywood
Greceila Jota
Donna Miscolta
Albert Mortiz

3:00pm – 4:00pm
Quirico S. Samonte
Jay Wertz
Myrna Mulhern
Ruben Nepales

If you will be unable to attend the Festival, we accept orders for autographed copies of the titles mentioned above. Just email: orders@philippineexpressionsbookshop.com


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