Art Pacho Book Launching

Join us in launching two titles by

Arturo G. Pacho, Ph.D.





SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2016 3:00pm – 6:00pm

Philippine Expressions Bookshop

479 West Sixth Street, Suite 105

Historic Arts District, San Pedro, CA 90731

Wine-tasting and Merienda. An experience not to be missed.

Free & open to the public but RSVP is requested.

Tel 310-514-9139 or email <>


IN HIGH SPIRITS, TROPICAL WINES OF THE PHILIPPINES.This book is the first of its kind to describe the many kinds of Philippine wines derived from such natural sources as rice, coconut, sugarcane, nipa, herbs, coffee, cacao, root crops and various tropical fruits. There are three recognized native wines in the Philippines, namely basi, tuba and tapuy. Other examples  of wines and spirits are: lambanog, laksoy, manyang, siok tong, among others. The book examines the importance of making these wines to generate employment and income in the country-side. Equally significant is the connection of these wines to Philippine history.

DISCOVERING TUBA. This book introduces readers to tuba, an discovering-tuba-677x1024indigenous wine of the Philippines collected from each gentle drip of the sap from the inflorescence of a coconut.

ART PACHO is a graduate of the University of the Philippines where
he taught graduate classes in public administration. He was a teaching fellow at Kent State University, where he taught undergraduate classes in political science. Art also studied at Rutgers University in New Jersey, focusing on urban and regional planning. Retiring from the City of Los Angeles government as a management analyst, Art found the research on tuba and Philippine wines a refreshing change and a good reason to return to his roots. He grew up in Tacloban City and has continued his commitment to support projects on the arts, education, and public health in Leyte.




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