Author Albert J. Mortiz

Albert Mortiz, author of Discover the Philippines Cookbook will be at our bookshop tomorrow, Dec 20 for a Meet and Greet event. Albert was born in Calamba, Laguna and
his Mom is Concepcion de Jesus Mortiz who belongs to the Quintero clan. One of the Quinteros was married to Soledad Rizal who was the youngest sister of Philippines’ National Hero, Jose P. Rizal. Albert’s first cousins include the Cailles and Llaneras of Calamba. In the photos, Albert posed with “Lolo Jose” who is dressed in the traditional black suit while in his thirties, and the small poster is also Lolo Jose while
he was 14 years old! Both standing posters grace the entrance of our
bookshop and are welcoming sights to Pinoys and Pinays who drop by. 

Posing with the nation’s most popular Lolo. Here is author Albert Mortiz posing with Lolo Jose. BTW, there is a book entitled LOLO JOSE: An Intimate and Illustrated Portrait of Jose Rizal by Asuncion Lopez Bantug, with a Preface by Nick Joaquin. The author was a grandniece and she wrote a moving, historical portrait of Philippines’ National Hero which is balanced, humane, warm, vivid, enlightening and well-written. Family stories came down to her through her father, Dr Leoncio Lopez-Rizal, and her grandmother, Narcisa Rizal, the sister of Lolo Jose. Only two copies are available at our bookshop and is subject to prior sale. If interested, email me soonest:


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