Casa Boholana: Vintage Houses of Bohol

Ateneo De Manila Univ Press, 2011

Erik Akpedonu (Author) , Czarina Saloma (Author)
ISBN 978-971-550-618-2

Bohol has become nationally famous for its many well-preserved Spanish period churches. Add now another reason for visiting the island: its vintage house from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These houses share the same gracious feathers that other Filipino houses of those periods also have. At the same time, as the reader soon discovers, they manifest subtle stylistic details that are unusual in other provinces and that mark them as being truly of Bohol. The book visits several towns in the island and narrates the history, attractions, and present condition of particular houses. The authros form a dream team: Czarina Saloma, a Boholana, has a Ph.D. in sociology while her husband, Erik Akpedonu, is a German architect specializing in heritage preservation. –Fernando N. Zialcita, Ph.D. Author of Philippine Ancestral Houses 1810-1930 For a pioneering work on the subject, Erik and Czarina’s latest book project is monumental both in extent and in depth. It is hoped it would set the tone for further publications on the matter. At this time when the nation’s eye is set on Bohol as an irresistable tavel destination, the book veritably supplies new insights into the culture of this province as expressed in houses and forwards the conviction that this island, beside its cone-shaped hills, white beaches, old churches and the tarsiers, offers many more treasures to explore and appreciate. — Marianito Jose Luspo Co-author of Sukaran: Vernacular Architecture of Two Bohol Towns.

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