Photos From Albert Mortiz Meet and Greet

Photo taken during the Meet and Greet event for
Albert Mortiz on December 20th where he signed his
book, Discover the Philippines Cookbook. Albert is
seated right in front of me plus two clients.

PV Sunset Rotary Club Christmas Dinner

Photos taken at the Rolling Hills Estate Country Club
during the Christmas Dinner of the Palos Verdes Sunset
Rotary Club. It was a hectic day, having just come from
the Meet and Greet event at the bookshop. The Tuesday
night weekly meeting of our Rotary Club is at the same
venue. Shown on the photo seated are Jackie Crowley,
Shirley Giltzon and Roger Schamp. Standing next to
me and Rob are Betty Reider, Carol Schamp and Jason

Happy Life Blues

Even as the storm clouds of war were gathering in the
Pacific, the Mattocks family was living a happy and
productive life in the Philippines.This book, a memoir of
survival, tells the story of how their lives were changed forever
after the events of December 8, 1941 when the war caught
them in Zamboanga. Daughter Cecily Mattocks Marshall
recounts the story of survival, including their confinement
at Santo Tomas (UST) in her adult voice. If interested, email

Adventures of a Child of War

This is historical fiction for young readers who are in intermediate
to high school. It brings back to life the time that grandparents rememberso vividly but whose grandchildren know little about.
This is the story of a young boy, Eduardo and his adventures
during this period in time, entertaining, filled with facts and
insights of a world that we hope we will never experience again. This is Lin Acacio-Flores second novel. Email
if interested.
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Surviving Japanese Occupation as a Young Child

How do young children from ages 9 to their teens survive the trauma of war, in this case, the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines?

The six titles featured here are in the adult voices of these children and listen to them, as they share their horrifying experiences and how they manage to survive the emotional trauma that have touched their souls, experiences that will never be forgotten. These children have been robbed of their childhood, and I know how that feels because I also went through the same experience. Limited copies of these books are for sale at our bookshop and if you also went thru the experience in 194l-45, you will be able to relate to the feelings of these young people while running away from the enemy or being confined at the Internment Camp at Santo Tomas (UST). Email me <> if interested


Books for the Holidays

All you need to know about Pasko! The Philippine Christmas are in this coffee table book, with beautiful photos and illustrations. Keep a copy in your personal library for the generations to come because once the book is out of print, there will be no reprints possible. One of the authors, Reynaldo Gamboa Alejandro is now gone to another plane.

Two books for Christmas which are popular are also featured here:

I Know It’s Christmastime by Cristina Aguila Llorente Drost and with illustrations by Willi Red Buhay. It introduces the child to what Christmas is like in the Philippines.

12 Kuwentong Pamasko ni Rene O. Villanueva; Inilarawan ni Mary M. Tobias is a collection of Christmas stories but written only in Filipino. BTW author Rene O. Villanueva has now passed away.

These two children’s titles will make ideal stocking stuffers for Christmas. Email: if interested.

IMG_2616 (1).JPG

Young Children’s History Books

How do you teach Philippine history to young children? Here
are four titles worth looking into. Written in both English and
Filipino, they bring history to the level of children, with lovely
illustrations in full color, and in story form. Available in hardcover and being sold as a set, Augie Rivera is the author of all four
books and illustrations were done by different young artists:

Si Diwayen, Noong Bago Dumating and mga Espanyol: Diwayen Before the Spanish Came. Artwork by Paolo Lim.

Si Segunda, Noong Panahon ng Mga Espanyol: Segunda during the Spanish Occupation. Artwork by Pepper Roxas

Si Juanito, Noong Panahon ng Mga Amerikano: Juanito, During
the American Occupaton. Artwork by Jose Miguel Tejido

Si Jhun-Jhun, Noong Bago Ideklara Ang Batas Militar: Jhun-Jhun, Before Martial Law. Artwork by Brian Vallesteros.

Email <> if interested.